Product Name Price
Lenovo Laptop Led/Lcd Screen Price : 2500 To 4200 RS
Lenovo Laptop Screen Panel (Top Covers) Price : 1800 To 2900 RS
Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Price : 1000 To 1600 RS
Lenovo Laptop Bottom Base Assembly Price : 1600 To 2200 RS
Lenovo Laptop Palmrest (Touchpad) Price : 1500 To 2500 RS
Lenovo laptop Ram Memory Price : 1600 To 3600 RS
Lenovo Laptop Hard Drives Price : 3300 To 3900 Rs
Lenovo Laptop Motherboard's Daughter Boards Price : 1200 To 2300 RS
Lenovo laptop DC Jackes Price : 1000 To 2200 RS
Lenovo Laptop Charging Circuits Price : 1800 To 2600 RS
Lenovo Laptop Screen Cables / Lenovo Laptop Display Cables Price : 1200 To 1800 RS
Lenovo Laptop Brackets / Laptop Hinges Rail Price : 1000 To 1800 RS
Lenovo Laptop Brazzels Price : 800 To 1600 RS
Lenovo Laptop Batteries (Orignal Batteries / compatible Batteries) Price : 1500 To 3000 RS
Lenovo Laptop Adapter (65 watt adapter Lenovo adapter / Lenovo laptop 90 watii ac adapoter / 130 watt Lenovo ac adapter) Price : 1000 To 1800 RS
Lenovo VGA Circuits , Lenovo HM Circuits Price : 2200 To 3500 RS
Lenovo Laptop Graphics Circuit Price : 2600 To 4500 RS
Lenovo Laptop Camera Price : 1200 To 1800 RS
Lenovo Laptop Bluetooth Price : 500 To 800 RS
Lenovo Laptop Speakers Price : 1100 To 1500 Rs
Lenovo Laptop Fan Price : 1100 To 1800 Rs
Lenovo Laptop Heatsink Price : 1200 To 2200 Rs
Lenovo Laptop Processor Price : 3000 To 6000 Rs
Lenovo laptop Servicing Price : 850 To 1450 Rs


These are the not the correct costs you can have harsh thought regarding costs of parts for genuine costing for the parts mercifully share your model number,warranty status, Some extra parts Capacity, assortment, volume, might be change. It absolutely relies on extra parts. All Lenovo Laptops real parts and their costing is not recorded under the value arrange. You may have costing over telephone. These parts costing is not included with settling charges, that will be separate from cost of the parts.
You may arrange the Lenovo Spare parts just without taking settling administrations and so on.

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